Memorial Center Farmers’ Market- Potential

Despite my excitement about the opening of the new Farmers’ Market at the Memorial Centre I had to miss the launch because we were celebrating the little one’s first birthday, but yesterday we took a quick stroll over to check it out.

Definitely more modest than the Downtown Market, but it has some features that made me smile, like a simple kids tent featuring some coloring books and crayons.

Right now the vendors don’t have much to offer in the way of produce; mostly rhubarb and greens. Main Street Market does have a popular stall featuring cookies (including gluten free) and fresh baked bread. I heard a rumour that they’re offering iced coffee too.

We picked up a bag of salad mix from Roots Down Organic Farms and took a close look at some of the preserves and sauces that filled the tables of many vendors.

Although its small in comparison to the Downtown Market the new market offers something very unique; all food has to be produced within 100 km of Kingston. No bananas here.

I’m excited to see the stalls fill out as the growing season warms up.  The market is technically a pilot project, so hopefully as the produce becomes available it’ll prove to be a great starting point for people looking to fill their tables with local food.


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