Fruition Berry Farm

If you aren’t sure why anyone would go through the trouble of sourcing their food locally do one thing; go to Fruition Berry Farm.

You’ll be changed forever. Strawberries in the middle of January might be nice in theory, but the truth is those pale red things encased in plastic aren’t real strawberries at all. Don’t be embarrassed, I didn’t know until recently either.

Ken and Christine Paul have been working the land at Fruition Berry Farm since 1994. It’ll take about a 20 minute drive to get to the farm located at 3208 Hughes Road. And it’s worth going a few times.

Strawberries are their main crop in June and early July, but they share the spot light with Raspberries, Green and Yellow Beans, Peas, Pumpkins, and Apples. They also sell local preserves and pickles from the farm stand.

Ken comes from a family of farmers; his parents operate a farm in Nappanee. Together the Pauls are invested in distributing their produce from their farm and through local markets.

At the farm you can buy berries that have already been picked or you can purchase a reusable, recyclable basket (ranging from .50 to $1.00) and head out to the berry patch to pick your own.

They also put on a few fun events though out the year that are a great way to prove to the kids that fun can be had outdoors. Strawberry Celebration Days take up the end of June and in October the Corn Maze is perfect to race around in before visiting the pumpkin patch.

I had grown up eating wild berries in Newfoundland, but somehow I forgot the truth of it. The first summer the husband and I (than the boyfriend) ventured to Fruition Berry Farm I was like a kid… in a berry field! Complete with strawberry stained face. They were so juicy and sweet, and so very different than those THINGS from the grocery store.

Since then we’ve gone up each year, and I pick enough berries to freeze for the winter. Last year we also added the pumpkin patch and corn maze to our visits.

If you don’t know why people insists local food just tastes better, do the strawberry taste test. I’m intending on taking the raspberry test myself this summer.

Christine keeps the Fruition Berry Farm website ( updated with interesting posts about the farm and you can also find them on facebook (Fruition Farm).


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