Wendy’s Mobile Market

One of the best known sources of local food in Kingston is Wendy’s Mobile Market. They bring local produce, meat, dairy, eggs, flour, and prepared foods from over 70 farms and local producers to commercial kitchens as well as delivering to residential homes.

Wendy Banks and Rick Trudeau are the names behind the iconic green truck. In addition to the delivery service they also run Wendy’s Country Market in Lyndhurts at 408 Fortune Road RR #2, where they offer the same local foods for those looking to make the drive.

The business started when Wendy began searching out healthy local foods for herself and expanded to share the natural health benefits with others. Wendy’s Mobile Market also offers local producers the ability to reach new markets, which can be particularly challenging for busy farmers.

I’ve worked in restaurants that order from Wendy’s and I’ve also taken advantage of their home deliveries.

Fill out their online ordering form by Sunday evening, Wendy will send you an email with your tally, and on Friday Rick will bring your goodies right to your front door. There is a minimum order of $35, if your order is over $65 delivery is free, if it’s lower there is a $10 delivery charge.

Their selection is impressive; locally cured deli meats (the sopressata is impossible to resist), locally produced mustards and ketchup, and a variety of local produce that is especially welcome in the cooler months when local selection is traditionally limited.

Wendy’s sources fruits, vegetables and greens from many farms that make use of greenhouses and cold storage to provide Kingston and area with great local food choices year round.

Wendy’s also delivers to Nappanee, Gananaque, Westport, Perth, Merickville, Kemptville, Brockville and Mallorytown. Honestly I don’t know how they manage to do it, but I definitely appreciate the result.

You can find their online order form at the website (wendysmobilemarket.com) and their facebook (Wendy’s Mobile Market) is active with new products and updates.


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