Limestone Organic Creamery Setting up to Begin Delivery around Kingston

There are a lot of trends that return through the years, we all know how cyclic fashion is for example.

With a growing local food movement we’ve seen the resurgence of a few habits of yesteryears; Saturday trips to the farmers market, filling our baskets from a pick-your-own strawberry farm, and driving up to the farm gates to see what this week has to offer.

One trend I often waxed nostalgic about (despite the fact that I had never experienced it myself) but never expected to return: fresh milk in glass bottles delivered to my door.

Limestone Organic Creamery is about to make that happen for those of us living in and around the Kingston area.

Francis and Kathie Groenewegan run a farm at 3113 Syndenham Road, and have been gearing for a grand opening expected to happen in May 2012. Francis has the pedigree nostalgia is made of; his father use to deliver milk to customer’s doors by horse and wagon in Holland.

Kaylie, from Limestone Organic Creamery’s facebook. They have a whole album dedicated to their cows, names included. You don’t get more personal than knowing the name of the cow whose milk you are drinking.

Limestone Organic Creamery will have a brick and mortar store where customers can purchase all of their goods, including fresh milk, butter, bread, cheese, yogurt, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, organic beef, chicken, eggs as well as seasonable produce.

With their business model the Groenewegans (and their two children, Patrick and Olivia) aim to do their part in preserving family farms and rural heritage. In addition they are concentrating on the importance of rebuilding our regional food system, and one of the modern challenges to this is accessibility. We are a busy population, and although taking a leisurely Sunday drive up to Sydenham road is on my list of things to do this summer, it’s not feasible every week.

The horse and wagon have been replaced with more modern means of travel, but the result is the same. Limestone Organic Creamery is offering a delivery service for all of their goods. A porch box is required to ensure the dairy stays cool if you aren’t able to receive the delivery, it comes with a refundable $45 deposit.

You can place your order online or by phone (613-542-0732) and there is a $10 minimum.

Glass Bottle Milk Products (946 ml)

Skim: $2.99

1%: $2.99

2%: $2.99

3.8%: $3.11

3.8% Unhomogenized: $3.11

3.8% Chocolate: $3.59

You can add any of their other products to your order, and have meat, eggs, and bread delivered to your door along with your dairy. Other dairy products that they don’t produce themselves, cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc come from Organic Meadows, which is a co-op owned by small family farms.

With my daughter getting close to starting on cow’s milk I am so excited to have certified organic milk free of antibodies, hormones and gmos that has traveled less than 1 food mile available. As much as I appreciate the increasing selection or organic products at several grocery stores in town, there’s something about participating in such an old tradition that enriches the whole experience.

I’ll admit some of the appeal might have something to do with the easier-than-pizza-delivery aspect.

If you would like to get more information about the Limestone Organic Creamery or are looking to sign up for their delivery service you can find them on facebook (Limestone Organic Creamery Ltd) or their website (


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